Still a road ahead

“I do not mean to insult your sense of duty and honor, nor your bravery. But I... just would like you to know my stance on this” said Ink.

Siting up slowly Sarne gives Ink a smile. “No offence taken friend, if you were to reprimand me, I could say nothing other than sorry. I would deserve reprimand for my unwise actions. I do have to say we are a grate party with gate potential.” Said Sarne. As he slowly stands to his feet.

"While you are at it dear slice those off will you I have a mind to make myself a new purse."

Then turning to the rest of you she turns around and gives a little bow, her already ruddy face flustered pink.

"Adabra Gwynn at your service."

Steadying himself Sarne gives a slight bow “I am Sir Sarne Sequoia of Silvermyst a Vanguard Ranger. I was glad that I… I mean WE could help. I hope you have peace now and may Elohim bless your life, Adabra Gwynn.” He looks at the others “thank you all once again for standing by my side you are all heroes to me. I am going back to the wagon meet you all there. we still have a mission to complete” he said then whistled. His horse came to his side. He taped on its front leg. It lowered itself some he slowly got on the horse. He looks back at everyone seeing if anyone was going to say something, then road back the the wagon.

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