Sarne and Redbrands

She shakes her head and spits on the ground, "Protection money they call it. Bully's and murderers I call them! Though admittedly not to their faces. You want to keep your noble friend away from them, he won’t like their kind at all."

Letting out a sigh Sarne looks at the ground for a bit then back at the others. “I have a feeling this is not going to go well for Me maybe us. I would normally send for Knights of Elohim and Vanguard Rangers to deal with this Redbrands and a well known noble.” He stretches out his arm and rotates it a bit. “The only thing I have on my side here are this party not to be underestimated and me being a noble. That’s allows me to establish law and enforce it if there are no other nobles of higher standing than mine. I will stay out of there way as long as they don’t bother us in anyway but somehow, I doubt they will do that. Madam, I will look into it. It is my duty to take care of the people.” He looks up at the sky then back at everyone and says these words.

He recites “I am a Knight in the church of Elohim and of the vanguard; I am a servant to the Kingdom and people. I have the distinct privilege of being a part of the finest Lords and Knights anywhere. As such, I owe my Lord and Knights and Men leadership that they can depend on, trust, and follow. I will neither fear nor shun responsibility and I am always responsible for my actions. I am always fair and impartial when dealing with citizens; remembering not to accept full credit for A Job Well Done, without proper recognition of my Lord or Knights first. I am loyal to my subordinates, peers, Lord or Knights appointed over me. My integrity must be beyond reproach. I will fully support all Kingdoms Lands, Lord, Elohim Knights and Elohim and Article of Justice. I have the duty to correct and report all violations of these Law that govern by the Lords or Kingdom I instill Esprit de Corps throughout the Elohim Knights and Vanguard in the serves of the Kingdom, Lord, Knights and Elohim; bearing allegiance to each other. I owe all of the above not to just myself, but to Elohim, Kingdome and lands, to the citizens, and to the people who serve under me. This I pledge on my life and the god of Elohim.”

Sarne is quite for a moment “this is what guides me and now you know where I sand. My orders are. I am to be ever aware that they represent the honor of the Kingdom, Church of Elohim, Elohim Knights and Vanguard are to at all times, behave in a befitting manner to my position.

All are to be ever aware that the lives of the Lords, Knights and citizens of not only the Kingdom and Lands, but of many other places pertaining to Elohim Knights, the church, Vanguard and Lands of Lords in are hands. Therefore, they are to remain ever vigilant. "To protect the weak and to enforce justice is everyone’s responsibility. Remember the primary objective of Elohim Knights, Vanguard the church of Elohim: " Adiuvaret et corporis defensionis, Alicunde, Quisquam " (Assist and Defend, Anyplace, Anytime). This is my guide.”

Looking at Sildar Sarne says “Master Hallwinter, I would advise not going in to Phandalin. In knowing this is our destination but I think your goods will not be safe there. we stand to lose it all there.” speaking in a serious tone.

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