Stand by you

He looks at you directly now Sir Sarne and his smile has gone, "If the town of Phandelver truly is besieged in the manner this good woman suggests there will be hard decisions to make regarding the fate of Gundren Rockseer. We must weigh the misery of many against the doom of one. Such is the burden of power."

He looks down and pauses Sarne reflects on the man’s words. “You are right I will be a Lord one day and head of the vanguard and knights of Elohim I must learn these things. I might out rank you in station. But you are my senor in experience. I will stand beside you in your task and fallow your lead. I have a duty to get this wagon to town. That was what I was hired for and I will complete. But I cannot just let Master Rockseer possibly perish ether. Well hard decisions it will be.” He says with a somber tone. Standing he looks at the wagon then back at the others. “If one thing I learned from my studies of evil men, there is always a trail. I would not doubt that the Master Rockseer and the outlaws are connected in some way. some of are answers maybe found in town and the outlaws there” Sarne said. He Turned to his cousin. “No one said he had to go in swords drawn. We are guards for a merchant, and we will act that way until Master Hallwinter says or does otherwise. I have learned something from killing the beast. What ever we do we will do it together as a team.” said Sarne facing everyone and standing “I am ready to go is everyone else?” He asks.

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