With Ink

"What is it with Human men and giving long winded speeches?" she asked. "And for what it's worth I'll have you know I am not a lowly serf." she added standing from her job shaking her arms hard sending bits of blood and gore across the ground. Getting them as clean as she could with out water or cloth. "I am the daughter of the greatest Orc war chieftain Kharzug Nolbul." she said, "We are equals here, not just me. All of us. We are all creatures that can die. Even my kind know not to just throw yourself at something large enough to swallow you in two bites. We need to stick as a unit, not one but a pack. Ink has the right idea. We need to look for a weakness and exploit everything we find."

"I'm sorry if my words come as harsh ones. But we just survived two events that would have killed normal people. You all killed my captor, someone who took good people from me and chained me to a wall until I worked for them. I don't speak their language but I understand sounds. They didn't just plan to make me fight for them." Shel went on. "And then you save me. All of you save me. Then next thing I know more good people throw themselves at the next big thing to make themselves look like big heroes. Glory can't be enjoyed if you die getting it. So lets think about what we are doing so people actually hear our stories and we can hear the songs they sing about it."

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