Oh My!

"Oh my." Barthen stammers with a look between offended and confused. Concern wins the day however as he goes on, "Well what ever service I can offer to recover the old Dwarf I will gladly give."

In answer to your questions Sir Sarne, he gives a polite bow at mention of your title and replies, "Sir there are no nobles to speak of here abouts, just the Townsmaster and a few rich merchant guilds. You will find Harbin Wester at the Great Hall come morning, he will be in his cups by now I fear."

"As to Gundrens brothers they are out of town to the south working on their special project. Gundren was to join them after securing the goods here for the expedition."

Listening to your words Shel he nods, "Most around here are trustworthy but I would keep word away from the Redbrands if I were you. If they know Gundren is missing they will find some mischief in it."

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