Ongoing Trade

Barthen sighs, "I'm afraid your guess is as good as mine when it comes to his brothers, they could be anywhere this side of the sword mountains. As to shields, I'm afraid I dont trade in martial goods, your best bet would be the Lionshield Coster in the centre of town. They'll be closed for trade at this hour. It's that or visit Wayland at the Smithy across he way and have something made up for you.

OOC: Psst... It is the Lionshields that hired you Shel and you realise you should probably check in with them anyhow regarding the fate of their men and wagon.

At that point Ander comes running back in. He whispers quietly to Barthen and the old man gives you all a questioning stare. Ander is looking at you all with wide eyes.

"The lad tells me there's a pile of blood stained weapons sitting at the back of the wagon? Would you like me to send them ahead to the Lionshield Coster for trade or are you holding on to them?"

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