Lets plan

“There is no set path before you friends, but hesitance is ever the enemy. I have few regrets and none of them are for what I have done but rather for what I have not. Movement is life” said Sildar.

Sarne looks at the others “we need to look into the town first and get all the info we can from Redbands and this guy called Glasstaff. If you want to plan this in a room I am find with that. Depending on the information should be our next action just riding off will get us nowhere. Let’s help the people we can here and now. Then work our way to the next step as we get are information. I know my brother would want it that way. if my brother is alive, he will show up and if he is dead then there is nothing I can do now anyway. If the Redbands are behind my brother’s death, then we will find out. I will take the necessary action needed” Says Sarne. He gives a sigh "is that ok with the party?"

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