Sir Sarne you charge in swinging your blade : [Adv 13 Misses] the door creeks as you move alerting your opponent and he turns and duck. The blade whistles past his ear. [Adv 10 Misses] He snarls and grasps the edge of your shield to prevent you from shoving it into his midriff.

with Mordik cowering at your side you release an eldritch blast at the second fellow [Nat 20 Hits for 10 Damage] and he staggers back. His chest is a smouldering ruin but he retains enough sense to draw a blade.

Ink you let fly with an arrow [15 Hits for 5 damage] it catches the wounded ruffian in the leg and he cries out in pain. He is barely standing.

[STR 8v11, Fail] The uninjured Redbrand tries to wrestle your shield away Sir Sarne but fails. He is on the back foot and you are just too strong.

The injured Redbrand launches a desperate attack at you Sirus [9 and 10 Miss] but his wounds cause him to stumble and his short sword swings wide for both attacks.

Shel the young lordling begins to writhe in you grasp as he screams out from behind his gag. Tightening your grip you hear the soft rattle of bones and turn to see the three skeletal forms in the crypt behind you slowly coming to life.

OOC: I'll leave the action loose for now. Sorry for the slow post rate I had my first Mba deadline to meet this week.

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