"The staff is mine." Samuel snaps, "A sample of the power promised to me. It was crafted long ago..." he shakes his head as if trying to clear it.

"I sought power to bring back to my father to prove my worth, and then I met him..." he gestures toward Mordik. The Nothic hisses.

"He promised me great power, introduced me to his employer..."

"Lies... stinking lies." Mordik cries out.

"The Black Spider. The Drow... we went to the gnome settlement. We were to retrieve the staff and keep Phandalin occupied while the Spider..."

Samuel cries out and clutches the side of his head... "No... the power is mine. I... brother help me! There are two Bugbear, only two. I do not know where they are." he is looking around wildly now and Mordik is becoming visibly agitated as his masters mind unravels.

[Arcana 14] Sirus, looking down at the staff you can discern that it is indeed magical. However, it would take an identify spell to tell you more.

Ink, you eventually lay your hands on a set of keys that will fit the cage locks.

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