Inside and Out

[Insight 18]

Ink you get the feeling that they are just scared and tired and for them dealing with nobles and town officials is not something they are used to. You offer to escort them home and they gratefully accept. You lead them through the crowd toward the western edge of town.

Shel the crowd parts for you to go find your place of rest, though several small children do follow at a distance. Interesting is seeing on of the towns new champions up close.

Inside, Master Hallwinter takes a seat in the great hall while a couple of the Zhentarim guards bring refreshments and set a cot down for the unconscious Laurel to rest upon. Sildar listens to your words Sir Sarne.

"So the dreaded Glasstaff is of your own noble blood." Sildar says, "A sad day indeed. I had heard that he was an old man."

"People see what they want to see." Samuel spits. "That creature was the original keeper of that name, named for the staff he now carries once more, but he was weak and the power overwhelmed him. Warped him..."

"Lies!" Mordik snarls, his single eye glowing brightly.

"Enough." the woman Halia shouts with enough command to silence the two, "The stench of dark magic hangs about you both like a cloud, any fool can tell as much. What I want to know is what purpose you had in gathering such a force as the Redbrands in this place?"

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