“...It seems my friends here have put an end to the Redbrand situation. These are some of the people I have told you of... companions of the missing Master Rockseer.", Sildar explained.

Looking around once more hesitantly, for he had little love for the Zhentarim, Brotor nodded obligingly and stepped in, allowing the the door close behind him. If these strangers had indeed dispatched the local brigands, he was more than willing to have dealings with them.

Hallwinter began to read a letter aloud and by the time it was finished it had Brotor squinting in thought.

So the connection is proven." Sildar muses, "Brotor, what word of this Spiders lair? Have you found Cragmaw Castle?"

What was he getting himself into? And just what in the blue hell was that one-eyed abomination of nature standing amidst these people? Perhaps it was Brotor’s own fault for not asking questions in the first place. He wasn’t sure what connection Sildar was referring to, but he had found out about this so-called Cragmaw Castle.

The Cragmaw tribe was a large band of feral goblinoids who filed their teeth to points. They had been causing much chaos of late along the roads and the Neverwinter Woods and Sildar had hired him to track them. Brotor had done just that and was ready to report his findings.

Brotor paused for a moment, glancing at the Zhentarim members and Halia. “Master Hallwinter, may we speak in private?”

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