Master Dwarf and messages

"Pen your letter my lord and I will add my own missive and see it delivered. The countenance of your brother concerns me greatly. Tell me has he always been touched by such darkness?"

"No, his drive to have higher status and power has been no secret. but he has never acted in this way before." replies Sir Sarne. Taking the Pen and ink with the Parchment formulated a letter. Taking wax to seal it with his signet ring. Giving the instruction to keep him under guard and in chains and get him back to the citadel then home and do not listen to his ramblings. For High Priest Grayston to do what he can for Samuel. Then send him home.

To you Brotor he then turns, "Is this private enough for your purpose?"

"What you say here will be safe. Master Dwarf" says Sarne.

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