Cragmaw Castle

"Aye. This will suffice, Master. As you well know, I harbor no faith in the Zhentarim. My dealings with them has never fostered any trust, only doubt... Too many ears and eyes, prying where they don't belong, and what's worse... traitors. I bid my news to you as was your request and if you trust the present company, then so be it. I'll have out with it.", Brotor went on.

"I have found the castle you spoke of, north of the Westflow. There are two routes to the location and, of course, they are both dangerous.

Traveling directly northward into the forest, you will have to cross the river and it will take you through Cragmaw patrols of hobgoblins. I had the displeasure of nearly being caught between them, for there are countless numbers of them in the area and they run organized patrols.

Traveling eastward up the Triboar and then north will take longer, but will avoid the mass of Goblinoids. If you take that way, you can approach Cragmaw from the south east and avoid the river crossing as well. Though... I must caution you... Orcs have been driven down from the Sword Mountains.

And to further muddy the danger, I'm sure you've heard or seen yourself, the reports of a dragon, spotted roving the lands..."

He finishes his long winded report and puffs his pipe, eyeing the Nothic and its huge one-eyed face.

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