The Request

[History 20]

Sirus, you know the Westflow to be the river running through the centre of Neverwinter wood, flowing west into the Neverwinter estuary. It is fast flowing and wide for much of its length. You have already travelled the Triboar trail it being the track running east to west just north of Phandalin and south of the forests edge. The Sword Mointains are the range of peaks towering on the horizon south of Phandalin.

As to the reports of hobgoblin patrols and orcs to the east, this is news to you and it is clear you have a choice of two difficult routes set out before you.

Once Brotor has given his report, Sildar accepts the letter from you Sir Sarne and begins to pace the room.

"My advice... indeed my request is that you all take the evenings rest and venture forth on a path of your choosing to find this Castle and rescue Gundren from what ever evil has befallen him... what say you both? and you my old friend Brotor, would you act as their guide?"

OOC: Are Ink and Shel getting up to anything over in the Inn?

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