Evil Dreams

As Brotor laid his head down to rest inside his tent, he thought back on the mage and his entourage of dead. Brotor wasnt the praying type, didn’t even know where to begin... What would happen to him when he died? That gave him pause. He didn’t know... but he knew that he didn’t want to become one of those shambling corpses.

Remembering back, not long ago, when he murdered that bastard in Neverwinter. Had that man been pious? If so, what god did he worship? Had he cursed the man’s soul to roam forever or had someone given him rites?

These dark thoughts turned to evil dreams of laughing men making his corpse dance. This eventually gave way to the dream/vision he kept having over and over again.

OOC- DM, one of my Bonds is the following:

I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it.

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