Webbed Visions

Brotor you feel the cobwebs brush against your skin as you make your way through a narrow tunnel that leads deep into the earth. A eerie green glow lights the tunnel ahead and looking toward it you see the shadow of a giant spider crawling upward and out of sight in the darkness. You hear the chittering as it approaches and feel the webs grow taught against your skin.

Looking up you see the green orbs descending, the sharp fangs wet with ichor. You try to scream out but the webs cover your mouth, you try to struggle but you are held fast now. The first black wiry leg presses against your arm, the second against your abdomen. The smell of death fills your nostrils and those green eyes fill your vision...

You wake in a cold sweat. You companions sleeping around you and Sir Sarne keeping watch. For a moment your heart skips and you stifle a cry as a single green eye peers at you from the near darkness.

The Nothic stirs, hissing. "Nasty dwarf has spiders crawling through his dreams. Woke poor Mordik up he did. Nasty dwarf with his nasty spiders."

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