What Does It Mean?

This one eyed abomination that the other party members referred to as Mordik had somehow sensed that Brotor was having nightmares about spiders. Was he talking in his sleep?

“Keep to yourself, miserable creature.”, Brotor sneered. “Sorry if I startled you, Sir Sarne. I have troubled dreams of late.”, he said softly.

He closed the flap of his tent and rolled over. ‘Spiders...’, he thought. ‘What does it all mean?’ He didn’t normally fear spiders and was accustomed to such critters while scouting, but there was something more sinister about these ones. Something in their green eyes, not to mention they were giant, and he was helplessly caught up in their webs. He got the feeling this vision was more than a recurring nuisance. The multiverse was telling him something. So every spider he met would have Brotor the Clanless to reckon with until they stopped haunting his dreams.

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