"Shel, how is your Orc?" he asks speaking in orc with is quite good. but does have a weird accent.

Hearing Brorlr say "I think avoid them if we can since it has been brought up many times that we are in a hurry and let Shel take the lead in case we still happen upon the orcs"

Thinking, "It would be better for us if we do avoid an all-out fight. If you knew how hard it has been for me on this quest. My whole life has been training to rid the world of evil and make the roads safe to travel. Now I travel with one eye over there, did not even kill the undead back there, and now Orcs I am trying to avoid in sted of hunting them down. No offense Shel. What would my father and the Vanguard think of me now?" he said with concern in his voice.

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