He would hopefully say this

Ink looks at Sarne with compassion, understanding how much this situation must bother him.

„I certainly hope he would say this: It is wise to carefully pick one’s battles, both in regards of magnitude and point in time. Sirus did make a good point back there; we need to find Master Stoneseer as fast as possible if we wish to retain any hope to find him alive.
Concerning the necromancer, I certainly know nothing of this dark branch of magic. But that man did control a dozen undead at once. That could very well speak of great power and it might have cost us dearly if we engaged him.
As for the orcs, yet again, pursuing them will be draining on time and resources at best, let alone if they prove to much to handle for our group.
Both the necromancer and the orcs will very likely still be around if and when we make it back.
So if you still wish to engage them at that point, Sir Sarne, you can.“

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