Orcish limerick and thankful explanation

Shel shrugged, "There once was a man from the Swordcoast, who made a great boar roast, but when there were none left to hunt, he said with a grunt, guess the city's poor will do." She said in perfect Orcish.

Upon Sarne's comment about Orcs Shel cocked an eye brow, "Understandable not all of us follow civilized rules. So long as you don't hunt my clan we have no issue." she said pointing to the bird skull necklace around her neck. "We live far from here so I doubt you will have a run in, but know they are a calm people. Our 'fighting' is honorable, if you lose handedly we leave you to get stronger. We have rules and we follow them." she added. "Trust me on this if we were as backwards as many of my kin, I'd not have been born." she finished, going on the fact she was clearly part elf. "But again, thank you for not jumping at the chance to cut them down, despite feeling its your creed to."

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