Wyvern Tor

Sirus you have heard of this landmark. A relic from the peoples who lived here before the orcs swept through the land all those years ago. In recent years the tor was the home of a large and dangerous nest of wyverns, but a band of bold adventurers dealt with the monsters several years ago. Though the wyverns never returned, other creatures lair there from time to time. The fact that the Necromancer wanted the place cleared adds intrigue to the tale as many of the old bastions of the south were said to contain forgotten secrets of power.

Brotor as the party guide you would also know as much. Your path however leads straight along the Triboar trail until you reach the abandoned town of Connyberry and from there you head north into the forest.

Sir Sarne you study the tracks with the aid of Shel [INV:16] and suspect that around half a dozen orcs have recently passed through here crossing the path from south to north. You also see that a second group of a similar size is moving along the trail in the same direction as you. The first set of tracks are fresh. Made in the past few hours maybe, while the second set are at least a day old.

Despite the signs the day passes without event and as it begins to grow dark the looming shadow of Wyvern Tor now sits directly south of your position. Do you wish to press on or camp for the evening? Are there any activities you would engage in at this setting of the day.

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