Damp Camp

Sir Sarne, you follow the advice of your guide and head north of the path to find a suitable spot to camp. You discover a small hollow shaded by withered oaks, that will allow the party to stay of of sight for the evening.

You are all becoming quite practiced now at setting up camp and ordering a watch. Even Mordik lends a hand in his own way. Collecting fire wood while muttering to himself. The rain has been falling steadily as you walked and worked and as you all settle down for the evening the words wet and miserable are most likely a good estimation of your state of mind.

It is in the early hours of the morning that you Shel hear movement nearby and words being exchanged in a familiar tongue.

"Selgut sed there was tracks comin up this way." says the first orc.

"Then why aint Selgut up ere wiv us lookin for em?" moans another.

"Ee's got a job on. Tonight's the night we take the farm up near Conyberry."

"Well that settles it then. I aint stompin around up ere in the rain chasing boogersnaters when there's fresh meat to be had. Let's go."

OOC: toward the end of this exchange you all begin to wake.

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