Ink and the wagon

Arriving last night Sarne had been approached that night in the tavern by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseer. he had asked Sarne to accompany them on a trip and to help escort his supplies for ten gold pieces. Sarne wondered if this was fate, he just came into town after all. Sarne excepted the deal. He had worked as a scout many times and felt confident in the roll. The night was restful, and the inn and tavern were ok for commoners’ standers.

After getting his horse, the next morning he rode over to the supply store. Seeing the wagon, he approached he could see someone sitting in the back of the wagon playing a lute. The Tabaxi with Black Fur with silver stripes could be seen here and there as she turned to see Sarne her green eyes could be seen under her hood. He could tell he had to be a commoner by her worn but well cared for traveler‘s clothing. He had heard of this race but never saw one be for. This would be his first encounter with them. her playing of the lute was delightful thought Sarne.

He rode closer stop and looker her over. “I am Sir Sarne Sequoia of Silvermyst, this is Gundren Rockseers caravan right.” He paused to read Inks reaction. “I will be one of the escorts.” He says confidently.

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