Race to the East

You make good time heading east through the trees. Sir Sarne guides you well, avoiding obstacles that would have otherwise have had you clambering over fallen logs for half the day. Your pace is not reckless however as you work to move silently to avoid the notice of the dragon.

Around half way to Conyberry the air grows suddenly cold and a great blast of freezing air buffets the trees all around you. Branches fall to the ground and frost begins to form on the earth beneath your feet. As the massive shadow of the dragon passes overhead to hunker down and manage to avoid its notice... for now.

Your march continues as the sun begins to light the world around you. Its first rays seeping through the canopy above. You cross a wide overgrown track that once ran from south to north. Omni you would know this to be the old woodland road, which runs north out of Conyberry. You are close.

Does the group have any final preparations to make before you arrive at Butterskull Ranch?

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