Calming the Spirit

Sirus the apparition becomes calm as you treat with her showing courtesy and respect. She looks you up and down, cocking her head to one side as if considering something.

"I see the truth in your words." she says at last.

Brotor you had of course heard rumours of restless spirits within the forest, but to actually come face to face with such a being... it is almost too much to take in.

Ink the spirits visage softens further at your supplications and humble words. Her form becomes less transparent and she seems to settle upon the earth. (OOC: a straight intelligence check to see if you can discern the nature of this spirit).

Sir Sarne you keen eye spots no danger besides the spirit and at the use of her native tongue the anger disappears completely from her eyes. She smiles with cold amusement.

“Very well,” she says. “You may rest here if you wish until the orcs pass to the east. I know that you seek many things. Ask me one question, and I will give you an answer.”

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