And there it was. By chance and luck, by stumbling upon this forgotten place and by taking the initiative and a gamble when fate aligned itself with his goals, Sirus had finally discovered who his illusive target was.
He felt a shiver run down his back at the elven woman's words as she disappeared. He just hoped now that he could find Gundren alive and that this piece of information would come to work to the party's advantage.

A voice boomed in his head.
~ Witch!!! She is after the stone as well. She must be!!! Get it before he does, my minion. Great will be the rewards in store for you. Do not disappoint me. Hurry!!! ~ the voice of his patron boomed suddenly in his mind and the warlock almost winced in pain.

He tried to recall what he knew of the Queen of Spiders and if he had ever heard of this specific drow in his studies or travels.
[History Check 12+3=15]

He looked at the Nothic and spoke into his mind.
~Have you met this drow named Neznar?~

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