The clatter that sounded from the kitchen caused the fight in the living room to come to an end as everyone was distracted from the anger that was raging through them from the unexpected sound. Nathaniel was the first to rush out of the living room to see what the cause of the noise was. Then Ethan finally released his sister's throat and rushed out after Nathaniel. Shanae was the last of the siblings to rush out of the room, though through the aftermath of having her brother attack her, her movements weren't as fast as they would be usually as she followed her older siblings. The bruise marks from where Ethan had grabbed her throat were already showing painfully clear.
Seeing the mess all over the floor and the fact that Jack was injured, the side feelings that Shanae had first started to feel in the hospital and had been hiding from the world, including herself ever since, came rushing to the surface and she pushed passed her two brothers and ran to Jack's side. "Jack, are you OK?" She fretted, checking Jack over before moving to the sink and grabbing a towel, covering it with cold water before she wrapped it around his injured hand. This was a highly uncharacteristic move for Shanae, and her two brother's watched her with silent suspicion. Shanae did not do first aid, fretting or anything that involved openly caring for other people so they couldn't help but wonder just why she was suddenly starting to do so now. Especially considering this was a guy who she had only just met three days ago.

Jack quietly obeyed Shanae as she wrapped his right hand in the cold wet towel. It was nice that she was worried about him. He wanted to return her feelings of concern but he could feel the stares of her two brothers and decided to play it cool. It was enough he managed to get Shanae away from her violent brother and her tending to his burnt hand was just a bonus. As he saw the red marks on her neck he winced a bit as he had to stay calm. Luckily it looked like he was in pain from his burn. Sadly the pain from the burn was minor compared to seeing Shanae hurt.

"Shanae babe, are you gonna treat me for my wounds?" Colm broke the short moment of silence that had fallen over the room as he walked so that he was behind the two O'Riley brothers, his denim jacket wrapped tight around his arm that had been cut open by the table when he had smashed through it. Still keeping the cold, wet towel wrapped around Jack's hand, Shanae simply sent a deathly glare in his direction. He gestured sarcastic surrender upon seeing the glare, "No worries, you don't have to if you don't want to. It's just, I've never seen you as the Mother Theresa type. Last thing I knew, the only burn you were bothered about is when your hair extensions get caught by your straighteners" He smirked as he spoke, clearly trying to wind up at least one of the siblings in the room, "But clearly you've grew up and changed a lot since I last seen you, Eamon will be so proud"
Shanae's glare intensified upon hearing Colm's sarcastic use of her father and the mention of his name caused the two brother's to turn around and send a glare of their own to Colm.

As Colm continued to speak, Jack had to fight the urge to rip open his chest and snatch out his heart with his good, but burnt arm. It was obvious he was not well liked by the family and he relished in teasing them which probably meant they had a long and ugly history. Jack gently put his wet hand on hers to let her know he was there for her without saying a word. However to hide his real feelings he kept his face calm. He wasn't sure where he had learned that skill but it felt natural to keep calm in tense situations. It was a relief when the brothers turned on Colm since their attention was off of him and Shanae. He wanted to take her away from this place and start over but he knew she was in to deep like he was.

"What? I'm just saying, I'll have to pass on how you are all doing when I see him won't I? Any decent father would want to know how their children are doing" As Colm said the word father, his eyes flashed in Nathaniel's direction, he was clearly trying to wind up the O'Riley siblings and it was working.
"But anyway" Colm seemingly decided to move the conversation on, "No offence Boss, but if he's working with me---"
"He is not working with you" Ethan snapped, cutting his sentence short "He is Shanae's bodyguard"

Jack slowly looked at Colm with calm and cold eyes as Ethan called him out. He could see his devilish smirk and knew in his heart it was just a matter of time before he had to kill Colm. Granted he was hired to protect Shanae and it has already cost him his memory and the temporary loss of his left arm. The burn on his hand was a small price to pay for her safety from her brother. He would gladly do it again if he had to.

Hearing Ethan's words, a realization started to come into Colm's mind and, with his lips still curved into a smirk, he scanned the people around him, silently observing the room before nodding his head to confirm his own conclusion. "Oh, I see" Colm said, "I understand entirely but..." He intentionally trailed off, "No, that wouldn't happen. After all, we all know how devastating getting into a relationship with your employee can be" As he said this, he sent a knowing look to Nathaniel who had now had just about enough and he lunged for Colm, ramming his spine hard directly against the harsh wooden door frame and pinned him by his throat.
"Wanna say anymore, Davine?" Nathaniel shoved Colm harder against the wood that was digging deep into his spine, "Wanna make anymore comments?" He gave him another harsh shove, "Wanna start do ye? Huh? Huh?"

Jack remained calm as Nathan attempted to kill Colm. He gently held Shanae's hand to remind her he was on her side no matter what. He took no pleasure in seeing Colm get his just deserts since it was only a matter of time before someone punched his final time clock. It was clear that the mention of their father was a touchy subject. He would make a mental note to avoid that subject unless Shanae was ready to share. Since he was still in the dark on a great many topics he found it was best to only ask for what was needed and wait for the other stuff when the time was right. Of course Jack saw Ethan reach for a gun and quickly moved Shanae behind him in case he got trigger happy. Granted he was at a big disadvantage with his lack of reach and wounded arm, but keeping Shanae safe was his priority.

Nathaniel raised a fist and made to raise it in the air to strike the other man, his fist was moments away from connecting with the other person's skull when a gun shot suddenly sounded. The attention of everyone in the room was bought to the source of shot and Ethan was standing in the center of the kitchen, a gun in his hand after he had just fired a bullet into the ceiling. "Now I have everyone's attention" Ethan was speaking in a calm tone but it was evident he was still furious, "This is a dangerous time. You all know how important this job is, what will happen to all of us if this doesn't succeed. So can we all just forget about the past and focus on what is happening right now? All of our lives depend on it. The way you lot have acted I have a good mind to blow each and every one of you to pieces, but I need men so consider yourselves lucky. Body guard, outside with me. Now" He demanded before walking through the kitchen and outside into the back garden, the gun still in his hand.

Jack looked at Shanae and gave her a nod as he wanted her to know he was fine. He then looked at Nathan and Colm who were a bit shocked by the gun fire and trying to fix their clothing. Colm of course was looking worse for the ware. Jack showed no expression as he sized Colm up and passed him by like he was a mere bug in his eyes. Jack then nodded at Nathan as he passed him by to show some respect to his employers. As he walked out the door to meet with Ethan he was concerned about the gun in his hand. With his left arm disabled it would be hard to take it away if things turned ugly.

Oddly enough he did remember several small flashbacks to disarming weapons from others. Since he could not see the faces in his memories, only the techniques were clear. It felt like he knew self defense and how to use a gun but he had no memory of who taught him. Since he was a bodyguard he figured it was his old training so he didn't put to much thought into the matter. He just counted it as a good thing for now. It didn't take long till he was in the back garden with Ethan who still had the gun in his hand. Jack remained calm and composed despite his wounded left arm, head injury and burnt right hand. True he was in pain but he pushed that aside since he had to stay focused and be a proper bodyguard for Shanae. Seeing as he was alone with Ethan for the first time he could see the man was on edge, so he decided to break the ice with an apology.

Jack: Sorry Boss.

Jack showed Ethan the burnt hand with a calm and composed voice.

Jack: I had to improvise back there since I lost my memory. Protecting Shanae is not easy and even harder if its from her brothers. Since I already took a bullet for her and lost my memories, a small burn to the hand was a small price to pay for her safety. However if this keeps up I may run out of body parts to protect her with by the end of the month.

Jack remained calm as he made a simple joke to show there were no hard feelings as an employee. He remained professional and showed Ethan the respect as an employer since he really didn't want to get shot again or fired since it would force him and Shanae to break up. Being near her kept him sane in a twisted sort of manner and he would do what was necessary to be by her side.


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