Watch him

It didn't take long till he was in the back garden with Ethan who still had the gun in his hand. Jack remained calm and composed despite his wounded left arm, head injury and burnt right hand. True he was in pain but he pushed that aside since he had to stay focused and be a proper bodyguard for Shanae. Seeing as he was alone with Ethan for the first time he could see the man was on edge, so he decided to break the ice with an apology.

Jack: Sorry Boss.

Jack showed Ethan the burnt hand with a calm and composed voice.

Jack: I had to improvise back there since I lost my memory. Protecting Shanae is not easy and even harder if its from her brothers. Since I already took a bullet for her and lost my memories, a small burn to the hand was a small price to pay for her safety. However if this keeps up I may run out of body parts to protect her with by the end of the month.

Jack remained calm as he made a simple joke to show there were no hard feelings as an employee. He remained professional and showed Ethan the respect as an employer since he really didn't want to get shot again or fired since it would force him and Shanae to break up. Being near her kept him sane in a twisted sort of manner and he would do what was necessary to be by her side.

Ethan remained stern faced and silent, his expression completely unreadable as he listened to Jack's words. Once Jack had finished speaking his apology, he looked down to the gun in his hand and moved it around like he was weighing it out, his actions perhaps a symbol to say that he was weighing out his options. His younger siblings still hadn't told him the full story with Jack or why they had decided to choose him to be his sister's body guard. If he was honest, from what he had seen of Jack, he would not have even considered hiring him as protection. He was recovering from a near fatal shoot out and, right now, he had some how managed to burn his hand while making some tea. If he burnt his hand making tea, what damage was he going to do if he had to protect his sister from the many high end criminals who are out to get her blood? He fiddled around a little more from with the gun, and pointed it toward Jack as if he was planning to shoot him before smirking to himself and placing the weapon back in to his inside pocket without using it. The "threat" was the gun was just something to see how he would react, a test, and also a reminder of just who was in charge in this situation.

"Me, Nate, Dan and Niall aren't the ones who you need to protect Shanae from" Ethan stated, keeping his emotions as unreadable as possible, "The main person you need to protect Shanae from is herself" He added, "She definitely hasn't inherited the O'Riley intelligence and she is a danger to herself and everyone around her, now more than ever" He stopped speaking for a moment and took this time to study Jack one on one, without any other distractions around him, to properly scrutinize his newest employee. The more he scrutinized and studied him, the more he found himself finding it hard to believe that he was the best choice of hired protection for his sister. But, at the moment, he was the only choice and he had no time to search for someone himself so he was going to have to be forced to resign himself to agreeing with his siblings' decision. Decisions like this, after all, can always be temporary, In that second he decided that after the job was finished, he would focus on finding Shanae a better, more permanent body guard.

It wasn't just the fact that Ethan's first impressions of Jack were ones of a weakened, injured hindrance that could destroy any of the family's jobs in a split second that made Ethan unsure of just how suitable he was as a body guard for his sister. It was also the way that Shanae acted when she went into the kitchen and seen that he was injured, his sister never acted like that around anyone. It was completely out of character for his sister to openly and genuinely care about anyone other than herself. And he was concerned about the impact that the change in character of his sister that was evidently triggered by Jack, would have on their family, business and reputation. Shanae wasn't lying when she said her brothers were over protective of her when it came to men. Mainly because they had never met a man who they could approve of, who would be beneficial to their business as well as to Shanae's feelings. Mutual benefits were needed when it came to lovers, they had all learnt that the hard way and were still trying to fix the fall out as a result of the consequences.

"There is going to be a lot of activity going back and forth in this house over the next couple of days" Ethan continued, deciding not to let onto the fact that he had sensed that his sister may be going "soft" on her bodyguard already. Yet. "One of the family is going to be needed on watch at all times. Dan's out of action, Nate is needed for contacts and I have an entire firm to sort out, so that's leaving only one of us" He stated, "I'm not happy about leaving my sister here with Colm, but you're here if he gets out of control. So, if he pushes his luck too far, you have my full permission to sort him out. Just don't kill him or I'll have to kill you" He told Jack, throwing a gun across the space between them for him to catch, "Watch him carefully" He told him, "And if he mentions anything about his family, especially his sister, report it to me straight away. Got it?"

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