Jack remained calm as he made a simple joke to show there were no hard feelings as an employee. He remained professional and showed Ethan the respect as an employer since he really didn't want to get shot again or fired since it would force him and Shanae to break up. Being near her kept him sane in a twisted sort of manner and he would do what was necessary to be by her side.

Ethan remained stern faced and silent, his expression completely unreadable as he listened to Jack's words. Once Jack had finished speaking his apology, he looked down to the gun in his hand and moved it around like he was weighing it out, his actions perhaps a symbol to say that he was weighing out his options.

Jack noticed Ethan was looking at his pistol after Jack spoke up. He remained calm and stoic as he stood still. He didn't want to give Ethan a reason to loose his temper since he was not ready to get shot again. He figured he was injured enough already. He was hoping his words would keep him in his boss's good graces. He needed this to work out so he could stay beside Shane.

"Me, Nate, Dan and Niall aren't the ones who you need to protect Shanae from" Ethan stated, keeping his emotions as unreadable as possible, "The main person you need to protect Shanae from is herself" He added, "She definitely hasn't inherited the O'Riley intelligence and she is a danger to herself and everyone around her, now more than ever" He stopped speaking for a moment and took this time to study Jack one on one, without any other distractions around him, to properly scrutinize his newest employee.

Jack patiently listened to Ethan explain the situation. Part of it he had already figured out but the part of Shanae being her own worst enemy was new to him. He wondered if she had more secrets he had forgotten about. True their relationship was unstable at best and her temper was pretty bad, but he felt there was not more to the woman in his life. He was concerned his job just got harder by Ethan's warning. He also wondered if Ethan had suspected he and Shanae were more than bodyguard and client.

"There is going to be a lot of activity going back and forth in this house over the next couple of days" Ethan continued, deciding not to let onto the fact that he had sensed that his sister may be going "soft" on her bodyguard already. Yet. "One of the family is going to be needed on watch at all times. Dan's out of action, Nate is needed for contacts and I have an entire firm to sort out, so that's leaving only one of us" He stated, "I'm not happy about leaving my sister here with Colm, but you're here if he gets out of control. So, if he pushes his luck too far, you have my full permission to sort him out. Just don't kill him or I'll have to kill you" He told Jack, throwing a gun across the space between them for him to catch, "Watch him carefully" He told him, "And if he mentions anything about his family, especially his sister, report it to me straight away. Got it?"

Jack caught the gun one handed by the barrel and put it by his side as he nodded at Ethan. He was relieved he had managed to get on his good graces since it meant getting killed or fired. He ignored the pain in his hand from the burn as he held the gun in his good hand. His boss gave him a job to not only protect Shanae, but keep Colm in check and alive.

Jack: Understood.

As Ethan walked off Jack checked the side of the gun out and saw it was a Glock-17. Suddenly he remembered the GLOCK 17 was trusted by law enforcement officers and military personnel around the globe because of its unsurpassed reliability, optimal magazine capacity of 17 rounds in the standard magazine and its low weight due to being part polymer. With the signature "Safe Action" trigger system, the GLOCK 17 9 mm Luger pistol is safe, easy, and quick. It is precisely what one would need in critical situations. The length was 204 mm or 8.03 inches, the slide length is 186 mm or 7.32 inches, the width is 32 mm or 1.26 inches, the slide width is 25,5 mm or 1.0 inch, the height including magazine is 139 mm or 5.47 inches, the line of sight is 165 mm or 6.50 inches and the trigger distance is 72 mm or 2.83 inches.

Jack was surprised how he knew so much about the pistol just by looking at it. Then he remembered it was his job to use weapons to protect his client so he quickly accepted it was a small memory of his past as a bodyguard. Out of instinct he carefully popped the clip out to check the number of rounds in it. Then he painfully moved the slide of the gun to remove the bullet in the chamber s it was now unloaded. Once the gun barrel was empty he put the gun in his pocket and painfully put the single bullet back into the clip. He then saw he sixteen rounds now in the clip. After that he pulled the gun out and slid the clip back in and examined the gun.

He felt comfortable with it and smirked as he put the gun in the back of his pants with the safety on. This was to ensure that if Colm did manage to steal the gun he would have to undo the safety and move the slide to load the next bullet. Once he was done with his gun inspection he walked back into the house. He could see the brothers were talking with Colm again and things seemed a bit calmer now than before. Jack looked around the house and then began to asses the layout of it. Then he approached Shanae politely and calmly as he spoke softly to her.

Jack: Ms. O'Riley can you show me the layout of this land? I am not familiar with it and it could be troublesome if we have to leave quickly.

Jack remained calm hoping she would agree to take a walk with him so the brothers could deal with Colm alone. It was bad enough he had the brothers on his back but adding Colm only flared things since he was the type to poke a bear with a stick.

Tag (Jack needs to talk to Shanae alone to get some things straight about Colm and their situation)

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