Ethan walked over to where Colm was standing and, without speaking, punched the other man straight in the face. Taking him by surprise and causing his two siblings to struggle to supress the laughter that was threatening to burst out of their mouths at what they had just witnessed. "Carry on and you'll get a whole lot worse, just because we need you at the moment, it doesn't mean we won't gladly dispose of you if we have to"
"Can you lot not take a laugh? Jeeze!" Colm's voice was muffled as he spoke through the hand that was holding onto his face where Ethan had punched him, "I was only joking around"
"You really shouldn't quite the day job" Ethan responded to Colm, "You make a pretty pathetic comedian"
"Well, lucky for me you haven't hired me for my comedic values, have ye?"
"Unfortunately not" Ethan responded, "So you best stop playing the clown before I give ye a matching strike on the other side of your face"

He felt comfortable with it and smirked as he put the gun in the back of his pants with the safety on. This was to ensure that if Colm did manage to steal the gun he would have to undo the safety and move the slide to load the next bullet. Once he was done with his gun inspection he walked back into the house. He could see the brothers were talking with Colm again and things seemed a bit calmer now than before. Jack looked around the house and then began to asses the layout of it. Then he approached Shanae politely and calmly as he spoke softly to her.

Shanae was relieved when she seen Jack walk back into the kitchen and he looked no worse off than he did when he first left the room. She knew the devastation that her angry and unpredictable brother could have caused Jack with one strike and it was in that moment that she realized just how concerned and worried she was about it. She looked down to the floor as the realization hit, the feelings that had first surfaced in the hospital beginning to swim around inside of her once more as she tried to keep them as hidden as possible, not wanting them to escape right now. This was not the time for her to be showing any vulnerabilities. She looked back up when she heard Jack speak to her.

Jack: Ms. O'Riley can you show me the layout of this land? I am not familiar with it and it could be troublesome if we have to leave quickly.

She thought about Jack's words for a moment and decided that a bit of fresh air was exactly what was needed, there was a lot of things going on right now and some fresh air without her brothers breathing down her neck was exactly what she needed to help compose herself before it all became too overwhelming.
"Of course" Shanae said, forcing her signature bright smile onto her lips, "I need some fresh air anyway, there's an awful stench in here that just won't stop getting up my nose"

Jack remained calm and made no expression as Shanae made her snide comment. He didn't want to egg anyone one before she and himself were outside. As it was, the two brothers were violent and the class clown Colm was egging them on enough as it was. Since Shanae was stressed out as it was he wanted to help her unwind before she got hurt again. As they went for a long walk around the territory Jack asked about the fields, nearby water sources, neighbors, wild life, additional buildings, nearby roads and trails. He wanted a plan for them to use in case they needed to escape. It would do them no good to run off only to walk into a trapped area. Once they were away enough and blocked by the trees he stopped and looked at Shanae.

He smiled softly at her as he gazed into her sparking eyes before glancing at her lips. He really wanted to kiss her badly, but was a bit unsure how to bring it up. Hec he wanted to do a lot of things with her, but it was not wise to rush anything since there was always a consequence in the end.

Jack: You know I dreamt about you the whole time I was in the hospital. Sometimes I couldn't remember all the details, but I remember being with you. Despite how messed up our situation is, you are the only thing I feel right about.

Then he gently pulled a leaf from her hair and fixed her hair over her ear.

Jack: I know you are stressed out and I know you don't like the way things are going with your family, but I am here for you come rain or shine. Please believe that much at least.

Jack smirked as he looked at the ground then he looked to the side at the trees nearby.

Jack: Your brother Ethan gave me a gun after our talk. He told me I need to protect you just like your brother Nathaniel said. Apparently you and I are staying here with that guy Colm and possibly even more people will be coming. To be honest I am not to keen on the idea of being with a house full of strangers while protecting you.

Jack looked back at Shanae with a pained expression on his face. He looked at the marks on her neck as he sighed before swallowing the lump in his throat. It really bothered him to see her hurt like that. Then he remembered what Ethan said about Shanae being her own worst enemy.

Jack: I may not know what is going on with your family, but it pains me to see you get hurt Shanae. If you ever want to just leave this all behind and start over I won't hesitate to go with you. I am with you Shanae O'Riley for better and for worse. It's the only thing I feel sure of right now. As it is I am fighting the urge to hold you and kiss you every moment I am with you. Since I can't remember my past, I don't know when it's a good time to drop my guard and when I need to keep it up. So the ball is in your court when it comes to any romance I am allowed or not allowed to have with you. I am not gonna lie...……. I hate not being able to touch you or kiss you or you know.......(embarrassing smirk)..... that other stuff. So when you need me for anything you only have to ask. So tell me Shanae O'Riley.......what do you want?


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