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Summary: Hard-boiled Hong Kong cop trying to clear his brother's name.

Wong Kong Sheng

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Heroes


Maverick Cop

Melodramatic Hook

Avenge his brother's death and clear his name



Skills / Abilities

Gunplay (familiar with everything from a .22 revolver to a .50 machine gun)
Driving (prefers motorcycles)
Crime scene analysis (especially ballistics)

Personality and Interests

He is superficially charming, so that ensures his bed is usually kept warm, but his biting wit tends to keep people at a distance.

He is intensely focused on solving his brother's murder. When off-duty, he spends his free time working on that case.


Wong Kong Sheng’s life has been spent in the shadow of his older brother Zhu Fa. Zhu Fa was seemingly perfect and rarely failed at anything he tried.

When they were younger, Kong Sheng tried to keep up, but by the time he was in high school he gave up; the spotlight seemed permanently focused on Zhu Fa.

He gave up because Zhu Fa chose to follow in their father’s footsteps as a police officer. Kong Sheng went to college, and on the eve of his graduation, he received word Zhu Fa was dead, killed in an ambush. He somehow managed to make it through the commencement ceremony but his parents’ grief was too great to attend; even in death, his brother still took the spotlight from him.

News of Zhu Fa’s death was just the first domino to fall, but more quickly followed. Money—lots of it—was discovered in a secret bank account seemingly opened by him.

It was obvious—at least to most of the police—his brother had been on the take. Their father, having already qualified for his pension, was allowed to quietly retire.

It was all too much for his mother, who fell into a pit of denial; her favorite son had staged his own death and was now on a deep undercover assignment, while his father moped around the house and drank too much.

Kong Sheng may not have liked his brother, but the collateral damage caused by his apparent fall from grace was too much. He joined the police force, determined to find out what really happened.

Signature Item

Family photo

Physical Appearance & Style of Dress

See photo

He dresses casually and has a seemingly permanent five o'clock shadow.

Favorite Sayings

You're not dealing with the good brother.

You can do this the way that lets you live or the way that gets you dead. I really don't care which.

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Image of Wong Kong Sheng
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