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Summary: Former Russian special forces soldier being hunted by a mysterious enemy.

Aleksandra Petrova

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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Heroes


Ex-Special Forces

Melodramatic Hook

Hunted by a dangerous enemy and avenge the murder of a fellow soldier.



Skills / Abilities

Firearms: She is skilled in the use of all firearms, as well as their repair and maintenance.

Martial Arts: She is skilled in both armed and unarmed melee combat.

Intrusion: She is skilled at getting into places she shouldn't be. This also includes moving stealthily.

Sabotage: She is skilled in blowing things up. She knows how to make explosives out of common household products as well as proper placement of devices to ensure maximum destruction.

Personality and Interests

Even though she was raised after the fall of Communist Russia, she was raised by grandparents who grew up in that time and has become a true believer in communism. She bemoans what has become of Russia and constantly attacks capitalism. Like any true believer, she dismisses any arguments against it.

Even though most people are, in her mind, "capitalist pigs", she is willing to overlook that if they are brave and/or a good fighter.

While she is skilled in the use of firearms, she prefers hand-to-hand combat.

She knows she is pretty, but she does nothing to enhance it; she does not wear make-up, perfume, jewelry, or sexy clothes. Frankly, it baffles her why pretty women turn most men stupid.


Aleksandra’s life has been one of service to Russia. She was raised by her grandparents who grew up when it was a Communist country and believes service to the state is what all people should aspire to.

In keeping with that belief, she joined the army when she was 18. Her drive and physical capabilities enabled her to join the Spetsnaz—the special forces.

She served well for almost 10 years until a mission went horribly wrong, resulting in failure and most of her team being killed. She was summarily dismissed from the army.

That series of events hit her hard, and she doesn’t know which hurt most. But she stoically accepted her fate and moved on, finding work in a factory.

Then one day she was contacted out of the blue by one of the few survivors from her team. He said the survivors were being hunted and begged her for her help. What bothered her was he was one of the most fearless people she had ever met, yet now, he sounded terrified.

She arrived just in time to see his body being carted off—an apparent suicide.

Several days later, she was brought in for questioning by the police. She answered their questions to the best of her ability and was let go.

Upon her return to her tiny apartment, there was a package waiting for her. It was a journal sent to her by her recently deceased comrade-in-arms.

The journal read like that of a madman, speaking of conspiracies and secret societies controlling the world. If he had been alive, she would have dismissed it, but the fact he was dead gave her pause and she decided to look further into what he said.

She scraped together what little money she had and went to Hong Kong.

Signature Item

Fighting knife from her army days

Physical Appearance & Style of Dress

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She dresses casually: jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket, and work boots

Favorite Sayings

You are a good fighter--even if you are a capitalist.

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