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Summary: An officer of the occult, searching for his father's killer.

Caden Ward

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: Heroes


Magic Cop

Melodramatic Hook

Looking for his father’s killer.



Skills / Abilities

Firearms: Caden is skilled with most firearm types, especially police-issued. He prefers the Glock 17 automatic pistol and Remington 870 shotgun.

Police Detective: He is a police LA police detective with 15 years of experience

Sorcery: Caden has skills in magic, which he has used in his mundane investigations, though sparingly. After all, it’s difficult to convince a jury that the officer who summoned a spirit to ask about a crime it might have witnessed should still be carrying a badge.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: In addition to his standard police combat training, Caden spent several years learning Tai Chi, finding the meditation aspect worked well with his sorcerous studies.

Personality and Interests

Caden is what many people consider a ‘cold fish’. He can be very analytical at times, and his sense of humor is often a bit dry. Unfortunately, it is an oversimplification to judge him solely on his personality. He prefers not to let his emotions get the better of him, especially as a police detective who could incinerate a perp with a gesture. And when it comes to dealing with the victims and their families, he lets his empathy truly shine. In addition, given how few individuals know about his occult skills (and his rather accurate assumption about how they would treat him after finding out about them), he keeps most of his co-workers at arm’s length.

Outside of work, he spends much of his time searching for information on his father’s killer and studying to improve his magical talents. His social life, what there is of it, bends more toward cerebral pursuits, which many leads many of his co-workers to view him as the aforementioned ‘cold fish’.


The Los Angeles Police Department was founded in 1869, and there has been a Ward on it since that founding. With such a history behind him, it was a given that Caden would follow in his family’s tradition…whether he wanted to or not. His father James did not bother to hide his disappointment when he announced that he wanted to pursue a degree in Philosophy. The two argued incessantly with Caden’s mother Megan acting as peacemaker to the best of her ability.

The night that other officers came to inform the family about James’ death was what finally decided things for the younger Ward.

But the death was odd. Sure, he was killed while trying to stop a robbery, but there must have been some mistake. Rumors said that whoever it was seemed to change from some skinny kid to a lumbering monster. And no one could explain the large handprint that was found near his body. The murder to this day remains unsolved, chalked up to a Triad member who was on some sort of drug that boosted his strength and allowed him to ignore being shot several times.

Caden didn’t buy any of it, but he came to the realization that the best way to get his answers was to get access to the files. And he determined that the best way for that was to finally give his father what he wanted, even if it was posthumously.

He was on foot patrol, shortly after graduating the academy that he encountered something odd. Caden and his partner came across several gang members attempting to rob a store. When they realized that the police had caught them in the act, they ran and quickly split up. His partner managed to apprehend one in an alleyway. The two of the others quickly climbed over the wooden fence that was at the end of the alleyway. Caden gave chase.

After several blocks, the two ducked into a Chinese grocery store and quickly took the owner, who was just closing for the evening, hostage. Caden did his best to try to get them to let the old man go, but they would have none of it. One was about to fire at Caden, when the old man said something and the first thug quite literally fell asleep at the old man’s feet. Everyone, other than the old man, was stunned, but the second thug turned his gun on the old man. The man just sighed, gestured and smiled. The young man’s gun turned from metal to water in a heartbeat. The stunned and terrified youth was immediate incapacitated by the old man’s swift kick to the groin.

The officers who had managed to catch up with Caden asked how he had managed to apprehend the two and avoid the hostage being hurt. The old man seemed to await Caden’s answer with some interest, and when Caden said that the first one had slipped on the water on the floor (without telling them that it had previously been a gun) and that the old man had used the incident to quickly subdue the other, the old man gave Caden a subtle nod, and asked him to return on his day off. Caden would get some answers then.

As it turned out, the old man, David Shi, had also been a police officer in his younger days. More importantly, he was also a trained mage who was looking for someone to pass on his knowledge. Caden’s willingness to keep his secret about what he had witnessed had convinced David that Caden was the one to take on the burden as a magical protector in LA’s police force, as he had been many years before.

Over the next few years, Caden lived a double life: as a police officer and as a sorcerer’s apprentice. Somehow, he managed to survive his mentor’s training without exhaustion making a mess of too much of his life. Granted, when David explained that Caden’s father might have been killed by a demon, Caden seemed to draw strength from the idea that his new skills could lead him to discovering his father’s killer.

After Caden made detective, David pulled a few strings with friends who were still on the force. He was assigned to Homicide, under Captain Oscar Santos, a superior who was also a friend of both David Shi and James Ward. Santos has done his best to run interference, covering for Caden’s rather unusual methods of solving cases.

Signature Item

James Ward’s bloodstained badge, which he carries with him as a reminder of why he does what he does.

Physical Appearance & Style of Dress

See picture

When not dressed for work, he prefers loose fitting casual clothing, allowing for freedom of movement for his spellcasting.

Favorite Sayings

There’s something about this crime scene. Something that calls to me.

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