This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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I believe respect is a two-way street; in order to get it, you got to give it. It’s okay if characters disagree, such as two hitmen having differing opinions on which gun is the best; it’s not okay if they get into a fistfight about it. Remember, you’re part of a team that is trying to take down the secret masters of the world; fighting amongst yourselves does their job for them, and you certainly don’t want that, right?

In the event conflict rises amongst the players, try to resolve it peacefully. If that fails bring it to me, and I will mediate the conflict as best I can.


You’re part of a team, so don’t try to hog the limelight for yourself. I plan to throw situations at you where the answer may not always be resolved by your particular skill set, so give other players the opportunity to shine.


If you are going to be unable to post for a while, let me and the other players know. I think it’s good manners; after all, if we were meeting in the real world, you’d let us know if you can’t make it, right?


In the case of joint posts, the use of Google Docs or a similar word processing program is highly encouraged.


Out of character discussions will be held on a Discord server.



Though this game is inspired by Hong Kong action movies, your character does not have to be Chinese. Heroes are found throughout the world, right?

Your character has some type of "melodramatic hook"--that is, a goal that gets them out of bed every morning. It might be resolved, it might not, but that hook will always be in your character's thoughts.

Your character will have some type of signature item, something that holds special meaning to them. It can be virtually anything, but it should be something that is easily carried on their person.




There are going to be three levels of enemies: mook, minor boss, major boss. At the beginning of each fight, I will inform you of your opponents’ level.

MOOK: Cannon fodder. These are the nameless foot soldiers, and their only reason for existing is to be taken out by you as stylishly as you can. Unless otherwise indicated, the maximum you can take out in a round is two.

MINOR BOSS: This named enemy can hold his own against any one of the team. If you fight him by yourself, expect to take some hits from this guy—and they are going to hurt. In a fight against him, you can only declare your actions, I will decide the result.

MAJOR BOSS: The head honcho, this guy will make you work for a victory against him. He can easily take out any member of the team in solo combat, so the team is going to have to work together to take him down. As with a minor boss, you can only declare your actions.