A Bite to Eat

Three days! Thankfully that conference is over! At least those days don't count against my vacation time!

Caden sat at his table, blowing to cool off his tea while awaited his food. The International Federation of Police annual meeting had taken place in Hong Kong this year, and, despite his protests, his Captain had insisted he attend. Caden had insisted that his desk was full of cases that he was still working on, but Santos had been adamant for two main reasons. First, the word had been sent from on high that one of his detectives had to go, as a representative of the LAPD. When Caden pressed as to why he had to be the one to go, when there was department full of officers who would have loved to go, the second reason came up. In the last year, Caden hadn't used a single one of his leave days and now they had accumulated to the status of 'use-or-lose'. It was Santos' none-too-subtle way of saying that Caden had better take a vacation, even if it meant mixing work with pleasure.

He sighed just before sipping his tea. Santos had been right about the vacation time. Caden hadn't put in for a single day of that or sick leave for a very, very long time. That and putting in 15 hour days on occasion meant that Caden had been burning the candle not just at both ends but at the middle. There were days it had caught up with him, thankfully only when he was off, where he took a nap after breakfast, only to find that he slept all the way through the day, into the night and then into early the next morning.

Those memories, and his concern that it could happen on the job and risk his or someone else's life, shut down further arguments on his end. Santos had seen as the realization had struck Caden and told him he could put the two events together. Take his vacation time after the conference. Sure, Caden would still need to send a report of what sessions he had attended and how they could benefit the LAPD when he returned, but that would be nearly three weeks later.

In the meantime, Caden had a chance to visit Hong Kong for a bit, and eat some Chinese food that didn't come in a squarish white box.

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