Disciples of the Bachelor's Temple

TIME: 2020
PLACE: Hong Kong

It was 6 am in the morning when Senior Reverend Useless woke up to the sound of a rooster crowing. He instinctively sat up and yawned before rubbing the sleep from his eyes. It was another morning and it was time to get up and do his temple duties. After rolling out of his small and humble bed he slowly stretched his muscles. Then he slowly stood up and did his morning stretches to loosen up his stiff body. Once he was relaxed and awake he wiped himself down with wet cloth since the temple still used a well in this day in age. After washing up and getting dressed in his monk robes he left his humble room and made his way to the main hall for breakfast with the other monks.

It was a quiet and short journey to the main hall where they shared their simple but healthy meals. As he passed a few monks they quietly gave each other a bow out of respect. One Useless got there the line had just begun. After a few minutes of waiting in the line he received his food and sat at the table with other monks. The food the monks ate was simple but healthy at the same time. The Bachelor's Temple diet focuses on a bean/grain congee made with added nuts, seeds, dried fruit such as goji berries, Chinese dates, a protein- and veggie-rich lunch, and a simple carbohydrate-rich dinner. The Eight Treasures Congee is perfect fuel prior to their intensive training. Senior Reverend Useless was then joined by Master Reverend Frivolous and Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous and a few other Reverends from the Bachelor's Temple.

Bachelor's Temple is a not so popular branch of the Shaolin Temple since it is were the odd balls are transferred to. Normally at the age of 18 a monk may go on a journey to decide if they will stay at the Temple or find a new life in the outside world. However some come back and are unable to fit in the real world or the temple so they are transferred to the Bachelor's Temple. To put it simply they are not right in the head but can still serve the temple. As punishment they give up their birth name and are renamed with a Dharma name that represents their ill behavior.

Master Reverend Frivolous has been at the Bachelor Temple longer than any other Reverend or Monk. He acts as a teacher and guide for the new, lost and confused. Rather than talking about his past he prefers to tell stories and make jokes to break the tension. However when some Reverends or Monks act to disorderly he has been known to use special "Egg Breaker" move which involves him using a fast front kick from a distance to kick the crotch of his target and render them helpless and in dire pain. Reverend Unscrupulous often suffers this humiliation for speaking out of turn.

Senior Reverend Useless was abandoned on the doorstep of a Shaolin temple and raised as a Monk. At the age of 18 he tried to make it on his own and failed miserably due to used and abused by con artist. So he trained even harder and used shady methods to earn money so he could bring justice to the ones who hurt him. This is what led him to being relocated to the Bachelors Temple. Then Bachelors Temple is the unruly faction of monks who can't seem to follow Buddha's monastic rules. Senior Reverend Useless is known for his excessive drinking, womanizing and bad business practices.

Before joining the monastery Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous was kidnapped from elementary school and sold by human traffickers. There he experienced many hardships before getting rescued with many other victims. However he soon learned that his family had sold him to the human traffickers and were arrested. Having no where to go he was adopted by the Shaolin Temple and raised there till he was 18. Due to his need to dress like a woman he was reassigned to the bachelor Temple and renamed as Reverend Unscrupulous. There he learned to use his spirt power to make most of his body like a beautiful woman. He felt it would be easier to punish men for cheating.

As the ranking in the temple goes Master Reverend Frivolous is the head of the Bachelors Temple and below him are the Senior Reverends followed by the Jr. Reverends and then the Monks. The ranking is mainly for assigning duties and the Reverends are tasked with training the monks as well as raising funds and recruiting new members to the Bachelors Temple. As they eat their meal they discuss the daily schedules and Master Reverend Frivolous tells the Reverends what tasks they must accomplish since he will do most of the training with the monks.

So after breakfast they all say "Amitabha" and head out to attend their duties. Senior Reverend Useless and Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous were assigned to hand out flyers to raise donations and membership to any fallen lambs who lost their place in society. It was a rough job but it was their duty and a punishment for their selfish behavior. In order to maintain the balance they had to do good deeds to balance out their wicked behavior. So the rest of the morning and all through the day they harassed the locals and tourist for donations and membership. Senior Reverend Useless of course tried to con others out of donations with talismans, Kung-Fu manuals and blessings while Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous worked on breaking up couples to recruit the cheating men to the temple. Sadly their success rate was low as usual and by the end of the day they were tired and hungry.

Usually Senior Reverend Useless and Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous don't share the same belief system, but as monks they still have to show patience, understanding and composure in public. Seeing as they were in the area they made their way to the Eating Counter. Since it was not to far away and the food was good Senior Reverend Useless and Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous decided to eat together.

It was Friday night in Hong Kong, and that meant a lot of people were going out to dinner.
It was busy at the restaurant called the Eating Counter, one of the city’s hidden gems. The food was top quality, yet fame had eluded it due to it not being located in one of the city’s more upscale neighborhoods.
Most of its clientele were regulars, but a few were those who had stumbled upon it by accident.

As Senior Reverend Useless and Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous entered the restaurant they were seated at a small table. Naturally they attracted some attention from the locals as well as the tourists as thy entered and sat down. Senior Reverend Useless looked a lot like a monk on steroids and Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous looked like a beautiful lady which was not common to see in a monastery. They could hear the whispering of others believing they were into Cosplay or weirdos. Luckily the waitress was polite and put up with Senior Reverend Useless's ogling as she took their order.

As they looked around they saw many different faces in the restaurant. As monks they liked to see people's reactions while they dropped their guards. Among the crowd they saw some serious types, the fun loving types, the female gossipers, some foreigners and a man in bandages. Senior Reverend Useless and Jr. Reverend Unscrupulous made a game out of guessing the personality of interesting people in the room. It was practice for being able to swindle or recruit future prospects. Seeing as they had time to kill this was a common past time for the Reverends. Once they received their food they said "Amitabha" to give thanks and began to eat. The so preferred the food outside the temple but beggars can't be choosers so it didn't happen as often as they liked.


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