Ricardo kept his eyes open for any magic sources, this only lead him to the Eating Counter, a restaurant. He hadn't eaten since that morning so he decided to enter to get something to eat. When he entered he saw many locals, however he also saw some foreigners and a group of monks. He found himself a nice place to sit, a small table in the corner.
When he looked up, he saw many people were looking at him, before quickly looking away when he noticed them. He didn't blame them, when do you see a man covered head to toe (quite literally) in bandages. He was glad he wore these bandages, because his burns would cause children to scream. The waitress tried his best not to look at him to much as he ordered his food. He waited on his food he tried to heal his finger, and like many other times, nothing.
It was still blackened by burns, so he wrapped it back up with his bandages. Of course he had to unwrap the bandages around his mouth to eat, which revealed his blacken and burnt lips. He hoped no one was paying too much attention as he ate, however he kept looking at certain people, just something about them stood out.

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