Steaming Plate of Trouble

The front door burst in, and a tall muscular Chinese man surged through, followed by a horde of mean-looking countrymen.

“WHERE’S OUR MONEY?!” he roared at the hostess.

She pulled a purse out from under the counter, pulled out a wad of money, and handed it to him with a trembling hand.

He knocked it away.

“WHERE’S THE REST OF IT?!” he yelled.


Kong Sheng sighed.

The informant hadn’t arrived, and he had just settled his bill when the goons made their entrance.

“They couldn’t have waited another minute?” he grumbled to himself.

He got up from his table, pulled his badge, and made his way over to them.

“Guys, guys, you’re doing it all wrong,” he said, making sure they could see his badge. “You must be new at this because I know most of the scumbags in this town, and I don’t know you.

“You’re making two very big mistakes,” he continued. “First off, you’re coming in during business hours. The problem is, you’ve got all of these customers here looking at you like you’re a bunch of demons. It probably feeds into your fragile egos, having people cower before you, but it really doesn’t fatten your wallets, now does it?

“So they’re seeing you guys and they’re thinking, ‘The food is good, but I don’t want to have to deal with a gang just to get it,’ ” he said. “They’re going to leave and not come back, which means less money for the restaurant, and less money for you.

“Second, you’re making a move on someone else’s territory,” he said. “In this case, that territory belongs to Eddie Lo. If he finds out about you, he’s going to find you and squash your tiny balls into oblivion.

“So, here’s some free advice,” he said. “Leave. Go back to whatever hole in the wall you came out of and take up something other than crime—like, say, pinochle.”

He smiled.

The large Chinese man said, “Are you calling me stupid?”

Kong Sheng sighed and pulled out the .44 Magnum he carried as his backup piece. All HKRP officers normally carried 9mm Glocks, but they just weren’t as intimidating as the Magnum.

The big guy’s followers all backed up a step, but the big guy either didn’t see the gun or didn’t care.

“Yeah, I am,” he said.

“NO ONE CALLS ME STUPID!” the big guy screamed.

Kong Sheng spun the Magnum and swung, the butt connecting squarely with the big guy’s nose. Nine times out of ten, that would put down most hard cases.

The big guy stepped back a moment, clutching his nose, then dropped his hands, revealing eyes wide with rage.

He reared back with a massive fist.

“Shit,” Kong Sheng muttered.

The fist connected with his face, sending him flying halfway across the room.

That was the green light for his followers, who fell upon diners and staff alike, and the restaurant erupted into chaos.



Happy Cheung
Level: Minor Boss

NOTES: Happy cannot be killed with one attack. He is focused only on Kong Sheng and will ignore everything else until he kills him. The only exception is if someone wounds him, in which case he will focus on them instead.

Happy’s Followers (20)
Level: Mook

NOTES: They are armed with various melee weapons (clubs, machetes, etc.). The mooks will use armed and unarmed melee combat in this fight unless someone starts using a gun. In that case, they will draw guns of their own and the brawl will turn into a gunfight.

There are civilians caught up in this, but they will not assist the characters at all. They will try to flee or protect themselves, nothing else.

Feel free to use the environment any way you see fit to take these mooks out. Anything that can reasonably be found in a restaurant can be found there.

Finally, remember this game is in the spirit of Hong Kong action movies, so reality takes a back seat to coolness. Be as descriptive as you can with your attacks!!!

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