Stand Back, I'm Going To Use Science!!!

The arrival of the thugs snapped Liang Cong out of his reverie. A policeman tried to talk them down and got punched in the face for his trouble.

A couple of monks—a muscular man and a pretty woman—joined the fray, using a combination of hot sauce and martial moves to put down a few of the thugs, but they would need help.

A scream drew his attention.

He looked to see the hostess was still at her station, cowering in fear as violence erupted all around her. He had an IQ of 200, but he didn’t need that to know she was in grave danger.

He dug into his backpack, pulled out a metal tube, and wrapped it around his forearm. There were several dials and switches on it. He flicked one of the switches and ran towards her.

One of the thugs spotted him and swung a club. Liang Cong raised the tube-wrapped forearm and the club stopped a few inches away. There was a high-pitched squealing sound, and the thug flew back as if hit by a two by four, dropping the club.

He reached the hostess and took her hand.

“Come with me, Miss,” he said.


The two made their way through the teeming mass of bodies and reached the kitchen.

The door opened, revealing the kitchen staff and a tearful old man wearing a chef’s hat.

“Uncle!” she cried.

“Carina!” he said, and the two of them hugged fiercely.

“Xiexie, xiexie!” the old man said. (Thank you, thank you!)

“Sir, please stay in the kitchen,” Liang Cong said. “Don’t come out until the hooligans are gone.”

The old man nodded and closed the door.


Turning back to the chaos, he dug into his backpack and pulled out a glove with several wires running along its exterior.

He just managed to put it on when a thug charged out of the fray with a machete and swung it overhand, meaning to split the young man’s head in two.

Liang Cong raised the gloved hand and caught the blade in mid-swing.

The thug snarled and leaned forward, trying to use his weight to bring the engineer to his knees.

Liang Cong gave a few inches, then the glove glowed and hummed, and the thug flew back.

Confident the thug was no longer any trouble, he ducked behind a serving counter and surveyed the situation.

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