The First Test

Adam nodded in agreement. This place made him feel uneasy, moreso given that he knew what the cryo pods were. They pressed on down the new hallway and soon reached a new chamber. It was a large room with a massive pillar in the center comprised of wildly advanced technology.

As the two entered the room a large blast door slammed shut behind, them, trapping them inside.

Adam frowned and looked to the center of the room. Unlike before, his mind didn't automatically identify the technology. He scanned the room and found two strange holes on opposite ends of the room with strange markings circling around the edge. He also saw another door on the far end.

"Welcome to the first test." Giger's voice sounded. "This is a test of endurance. The future is a painful one, and you must prove your humanity by showing how you will endure pain in the face of death. Place your hands in the receptacles and face the agony that will purify your souls. Should you prove incapable, you will be terminated."

Adam frowned and looked to Aurora. "I don't know what he's talking about, do you?"

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