Numbre two

Suk-Ling tried to retreat from the advancing Nico but the girl moved with surprising speed. She was so weak from cryo stasis that she must have been moving in slow motion by comparison. Nico grabbed one of Suk-Ling's mecha-tendrills but rather than attacking her, she gently steadied Suk-Ling and prevented her from collapsing to the deck. It was a combination of closeness and benevolence that she was unaccustomed to.

"Help awakened," Nico barked harshly at the others. Then in a much gentler tone she spoke to Suk-Ling "How wake up? How alive? You escape like Nico?"

"I... I was in stasis. I thought one of you freed me, so I followed you," she replied weakly.

"I think she's just suffering from the effects of waking from stasis. They should clear up after a while," Adam said, eyeing curiously. "So you were one of Giger's previous chimera? Do you know what he wants from us? Why he's doing this?"

All the questions were dizzying but she did her best to answer.

"Yes, I was a t- t- test platform for technologies. He'd cut-," Suk-Ling began but as her eyes fell on Nico's long blades she went stiff.

Her eyes went wide and she panicked. As if of their own volition, her mecha-tendrills jerked away, grabbing the deck behind her and pulling her a good ten feet away in an instant.

"S- sorry. Your blades. They scared me," Suk-Ling blurted out.

"You don't have to worry. I'll help you however I can," Adam said, his voice reassuring.

"We have to escape this place," Suk-Ling said. "We have to..."

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