Nico looked down at her own hands, at the blades embedded into her knuckles. They curled slightly, following the structure of her fingers like bones. "Sorry..." She murmured with a frown and looked to Suk-Ling again. " harm. No harm."

"We have to escape this place," Suk-Ling said. "We have to..."

An expression of pure confusion crossed Nico's face and she shook her head. "No escape. Vents no help. Nasty things all over." She explained and raised her arms, stretching her fingers like some silly cartoon character. "Block doors. Kill all. Mean, mean, mean..." Tail swaying as she glanced around warily, she dropped her hands again.

Her pointed ears twitched as she listened to everything, took in their surroundings. It had been some time since she last left the vents this long. She was itching to return to them, to return to the only safe place she knew. These people, though, needed her help and she was so tired of seeing everyone die.

Nico wanted to believe they could escape like Suk-Ling wanted to.

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