This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Jul 29, 2020, 7:30pm

TTRPG and Play by Post Hybrid

The idea is to play a three hour text based game each week in a table top rpg style on Discord and then have each person write up the events in more detail and depth from their character's point of view to post in Ongoing Worlds by the end of the week. Games will be played on Monday's from 6pm to 9pm CST or GMT-5 with each person’s post completed and posted prior to the following game.

I do not expect responses during the game to be verbose or long winded, therefore, I expect that people be present and active during the game so that we do not have to wait more than 3-5 minutes for a response from someone. It is expected that if you need to step away or are needing a longer time period to come up with a response that you say so. In that same vein, if you are unable to attend a Monday evening game please give a head's up as soon as you can so possible work around's can be discussed or so that I can come up with something to do instead of a normal session.

Game Contents: (also see introduction post)
Jhazentso is essentially a horror isekai. You will be playing an average person from Earth who has been suddenly transported to a pocket dimension. This pocket dimension features a hub reminiscent of a claustrophobic steel box for you to use as a base with four unique areas to visit outside of the hub; a moving maze of vines, a danger filled cave, a quiet lake, and a library protected by puzzle bound locks.

This is not meant to be a linear dungeon. You will go into the different areas many times returning to the hub in need of information and resources or simply mental and physical respite for a fresh attempt. Your character will have many self determined goals with opportunity for solo and group quests. What anxieties and character flaws will stand in their way? What hidden talents will aid them? This will be largely up to you, but I will offer guidance in the form of status effects that can effect your character's sanity and physical capability.

Content Warnings/Description:
Your character will die many times. They will encounter monsters that will harm them, possible torture them or others, and your character may find that the most strategically sound decision is to allow themselves to die. There are large zombie dogs that will hunt you, poisons that will eat at your body, paralyze you, and distort your mind. You may find yourself needing to hunt and fish either for sustenance or resources.

Your character will find themselves or others in the group often: reading up on lore to aid in solving logic puzzles or ciphers; gathering plants and/or maintaining a garden; sneaking around in dark and claustrophobic places terribly lost and hunted by deadly things; hiding in seemingly safe places trying to regain some sanity, and; learning how to craft tools, salves, potions, and weapons to help master your environment.

Knowing that your character will be in a state of constant stress, it is expected that if you cannot remember something or have readily available notes on something, that your character has also forgotten. There are some instances where you can roll a die to see if you can remember something, but this should be more of a rarity than a rule. Doors are an important aspect of the game. It is expected that you clearly indicate if you have left a door closed or open, otherwise I will decide randomly and you may not remember if it is open or closed. *Is* the oven on??

Your character will need to eat and drink, sleep and rest, as well as engage in self care to maintain their body and mind. There will be consequences to stress, trauma, and lack of self care. Some methods of self care can be less obvious than others and I will be taking the information from both the game play as well as the posts you write to determine how your character's sanity is faring. Your character will earn status effects that effect their body as well as their mind.

Information overload? Probably. Still have questions? Go ahead and message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.