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Cathal walked into his local card shop at 2 in the afternoon, he did this every Friday to play Magic the Gathering with the other nerds that enjoyed the strategic card game, as a God of War he would've been embarrassed to not be his local champion at a simple battle of cards. "Hey Big C! We saved you a spot over here in the corner, Want to play Commander after I destroy these two?" a young human named Thomas called. At 23 he was no longer young compared to the other occupants that frequented the Card shop known as the Coliseum, but compared to Cathals hard lived 800+ years Thomas was still a baby. "I'll be over in a second, i'm grabbing a drink." Cathal called back as he paid for his Mtn Dew at the front desk, it was hardly the watered down wine and bitter ale he'd enjoyed in his younger years in present day Ireland but hed grown to enjoy the fizzy green beverage. He made his way to the table Thomas was sitting at with his two frends William and Brett, both decent humans but they annoyed him to no end with their constant complaining. Cathal sat down in his usual corner chair facing the rest of the patrons and shop so no one could have his back, he'd learned long ago never to give a potential enemy his blindspot, a weakness he'd exploited on countless of foolish enemies. Cathal preferred a head on conflict where he could see the flash of emotions when an enemy knew they'd been bested, but as John Lyly wrote all is fair in love and war and Cathal wasn't above stabbing an enemy in the back when neccesary. "What are the lifetotals?" Cathal asked the group as he unloaded his own cards and began setting up to play a few games. Two voices rang out in unison belonging to both William and Brett "Dead next turn" they responded. Cathal looked up to get a look at the board state and players, Thomas was smiling ear to ear as he delivered the finishing flurry of attacks to defeat his competitors. The glee Cathal witnessed on the face of Thomas during his victory is probably why unlike the other two Thomas didnt take a cheese grater to Cathals nerves when he was exposed to him for more than 10 minutes. Brett and William started their incessant whining about how "it wasnt fair" and "Thomas only wins because he can afford better cards" to hell with attempting to be civil today. "Shut the hell up both of you and grow a set, You think war is fair? You think that just because your opponent has more Gold than you that deterimines the outcome? NO! Its the warrior that lays everything on the line to win and trains harder that succeeds." Cathal spat threw gritted teeth. "Your inability to act like men and accept defeat with honor is why i'd never side with you in battle. You'd wet your pants at the first sign of bloodshed" with the last statement he let out a chuckle and Willaim and Brett fled from the table like the frightened children they were. "Why Big C? Why do you scare off everyone i convince to play with us? now Ill have to listen to those two whine about how you're too scary to be around" Thomas asked with a slight grin. "Ill make them into men some day Thomas mark my words but I can't stand grown men acting like babies Ive seen more courage in piglets than those two." Thomas laughed reshuffled his cards and proceeded to lose miserably to Cathals tactics in 5 different games but it was fun to play again. it was a little past 8 when the shop announced theyd be closing shortly. Cathal and Thomas parted ways outside the Coliseum promising a rematch next Friday. "Why don't I frighten that one" Cathal thought to himself, everyone else he'd tried to be civil with had either left the shop entirely forever or moved to another table and refused to play with him again within 10 inutes of being in his presence. There was something different about Thomas but Cathal couldn't pinpoint it. "Im sure ill figure it out eventually" he muttered before climbing in his truck, checking on todays stock exchange on his phone and driving home with a bad feeling in his gut.