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Summary: What do you expect, I am a drifter

Gray Drifter

Gender: Male

Age: 3

Group: Warrior

Color of Fur

His coat is browns flecked with black, with lighter underparts.


A little of both Hunter and Warrior

Physical Appearance

Drifter stands 40 inches at the shoulder, with a weight of 150 pounds. his thick, long limbs are proportionally built for traversing through rough terrains such as deep snow or cliffs edges of the Rocky Mountains. Drifters deep chest hosts large lungs, letting the wolf breathe more efficiently at higher altitudes, and allowing it to exert huge amounts of stamina traveling up to 100 miles in one day. his powerful neck is a very important adaptation it has to be strong to support his large head and is crucial for bringing down prey. He is a Mackenzie Valley Wolf.


Like any drifter looking for food is the number one thing to do. Drifter tries to make friends, but it does not always work out. He has not found a Pack he wants to join as of yet and most other male wolfs find him a threat because of his size. He has thought of starting a Pack but has not found any females to start one yet. A gentleman warrior, Drifter epitomizes honor, courage, and loyalty. Modeled of the knights of the feudal age, He serves the forest as a soldier in the best manner he can. While primarily a worrier, Drifter has been known to perform ceremonial duties, Pack chores, and any other functions necessary to promote his interests and secure the welfare of the Forest.


Born in the north he has traveled for over a year now moving from one place or pack to another. He has been in this area for about a month now. He knows of some of the Packs in the area but up to now has stayed clear of them. only getting close enough to get their sent and learn of their territory. Wind Runner an alpha female is the only one that he has seen from the pack. The only one that has given Drafter a bad time is Black Fang. He thinks that the whole forest belongs to him. Black Fang has told Drifter to stay clear of him. They have not fought as of yet, but Drifter has a feeling it will come one day.

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Image of Gray Drifter
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