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Summary: Keep on running and never look back


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Gender: male

Age: a few months old (i dont know, pup age!)

Group: Pup

Color of Fur

Gray fur


Runt no rank i quess

Physical Appearance

Puny is a small Wolf pup his fur ruffled and tuffed from scars that where gifts from his Brothers he has a Long fresh wound across his left eye that will surely become a gnarly looking scar when he grows up but he is not blind


Hardened, Brave, Stubborn, angry and confused


Puny "Runt" Grayfur.
Is a pup only a few months old that was chased out of his pack, the Grayfurs that have their territories in the cold North by his older Brothers.
They thought he was too weak for the clan.
They laughed at him as he ran away
Shouting threats after him like
"you will die out there Puny"
And "come back Little Runt let us kill you, it would be a mercy"
And so Little puny started his journey all alone and wounded.
But still in high spirit for he had just escaped his tormentors.
Now he found himself in a strange dark forest and a cave full of Bones.
He thought that he had hit a jackpot and decided to take a rest gnawing on one of them Bones that still had some dried up meat left on them

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Image of Puny
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