First day in the pack

Drifter walked along the trail sniffing the air. This was the first time that he has done this for the pack in this area. Patrol and a lead worrier temporary. Is this really what he wants. Does he want to be tied to a pack? Who long before they push him out like the other packs. he fallows the tail almost to the lake. Then turned towards the den. He heard something that made him stop. He lifted his head and took a large sniff of the air. The presence of another wolf in the air. Drifter turned in that direction. He gave a low growl to let them know he knew that they are there.

His ears twitched as he focused on some fallen trees and bushes. "Come out and show yourself. The wolf stepped out just showed half of its body. The colored eyes gave the wolf and where it was from. "Two eyes and your friend show your self" Drifter growled. Drifter was surprised to see his Partner white paw. "what are you doing here" drifter asked. two eyes tensed up "Drifter? what are you doing in Winds Runners territory?" The smaller wolf asked.

Drifter took a step forward. "I am with her pack right now" replied Drifter. "you should leave now" Drifter warned. "I will let you go for your pup's sake. Now leave!" White foot started to turn and walked away the pups came from a bush and started to follow her. "Drifter, we were sent to find you and ask you if you wanted to join our pack" said two eyes. Drifter was not sure what to say at first. "I have pledged to Wind Runner and the pack, sorry" said Drifter to two eyes. two eyes bowed his head to drifter and turned around and ran off.

Drifter continued back to the den. He had cached a rabbit on the way back. returning to the pack he made his way over to where Midnight was laying. He dropped the rabbit there in front of her. He bowed his head in respect "eat and heal The pack needs you." said Drifter to Midnight. then turns to walk out.

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