Back at the den

"Hey Drifter how was patrol?" Midnight asked.
Drifter walked in closer seeing frost get up and start to walk out.
Just then Frost bumped into Drifter. "Oof, oh sorry I didn't see you there" Frost said. "You feeling okay?"
"I am fine, I know I am hard to miss," he barked jokingly.
"Oh you're with Midnight hehe okay I'll leave" Frost said as she back out of the den.

Drifter sat then look out of the den "Wait, what did you.....never mind" he said as he plopped down on the ground. "To answer you Midnight, I am fine. Ran into a family from across the Lake. I let them go they were not doing anything wrong. besides, I am not into killing pups." He looked Midnight over. "Eat before it gets cold." Drifter suggested. "I knew them when they had their pups. I help them out a few times. They ask if I would join their pack. I told them I have pledged to Wind Runner and the pack" drifter said. "enough about me How are you?" asked drifter

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