Some time after the hunt wind runner walks up to Dark. “ you seem distracted is something bothering you” she said sitting down next to him. Dark had only recently taken her as his mate. She was still getting use to the new role she played in the pack.

That did not mean that she did not know Dark. They had grown up together after all. Though she had to admit part of her wondered why he chose her but there were more important matters to attend to. Like the mystery of the strange smell and tracks found during the hunt.

“ you know your already a good leader and you don’t have to lead alone anymore.” she said. Looking out over the pack now settled down for the moment all except for the cubs who were lost in some sort of game. “ do you remember when we were that young all the trouble and misadventures we use to get ourselves into” she said. Shaking her head then leaning in a rubbing her head against his shoulder.

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