Walking back

He continued to back up until he could not see Black Fang. He could hear the large wolf leaving as well. Drifter raised his nose in the air and sniffed that conformed what he sensed that Fang was on the move away from him. a few more sniffs of the air and he picked up Frost she was a little further down the trail. he waited for a bit more then started his way back to his Black rock as he called it. He could hear others coming his way on the trail. Drifter changed trails to keep from running into the other wolves’ head-on. Drifter was not in the mood for a fight today. Drifter got off light with Black Fang. it could have been drifters end that day. But the sun was warm the breeze cool and the air fresh it was a good day to lay in the sun for a bit then go look for food.

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